Why you should try natural deodorant - and how it works

We chatted to Indeora founder Eimear Tully about her product and why it's special

More and more people are starting to think about the chemicals they are putting on their skin, and making a move towards using more natural and organic products.

Natural deodorant is something that people might be interested to try, but would like to know more about first.

We caught up with Eimear Tully, founder of Indeora, who answered some of our questions.


What made you want to set up your own natural deodorant business?

I had asthma growing up and I hated the propellant on the anti-perspirant, I didn't like using those products.

But what really started it all for me was a conversation with my husband, who is a doctor. He was doing a Master’s in Translational Oncology at the time. We were chatting about the chemicals in antiperspirants and the debated link to breast cancer. 

For the first time, I sat on my bed and I read in the ingredients properly in my antiperspirant, and I just thought 'Oh my God, I don't feel comfortable wearing this on my skin.'

My background was in investment and business, but I as I started to research more into our chat I couldn’t get it out of my head and my quest to find a natural alternative began! I had a lot of bad experiences with the products I found so I started to research to see if there was something missing in the existing types of natural deodorants and how could I make them more attractive to use.


Why try natural deodorant?

The main active ingredient of most anti-perspirants is a form of aluminium, in place to stop you sweating. There are more and more health advocates questioning how safe is it for us to be blocking up our pores?

Anti-perspirant isn’t a 'wash off' product, it's not like a shampoo. Anti-perspirant is lying on a delicate part of your skin for the whole day, and it’s a very active part of your skin. Your skin breathes and I think we really have to question the safety of putting these anti-perspirant ingredients on our skin.


How does Indeora work?

Our base ingredient is magnesium, which is a mineral that your body actually needs to perform over 300 functions. It's one of the most important minerals for health and wellbeing.

Your sweat has no smell, but it’s when it leaves your body and when it interacts with the external environment and your body, that creates the smell. Magnesium is an active mineral and it neutralises the odour.


Is it effective?

Everyone has different sweat patterns for so many different reasons, but yes, Indeora’s active magnesium formula neutralises odour. I'd never say that I don't sweat anymore – but compared to the time in my life when I wore anti-perspirant, I did find my body just naturally readjusted after a around four weeks of using.

Our formula works really well, regardless of what you wear and many have found it more effective than baking soda based natural deodorants, particularly if you're wearing synthetic clothes. I have a friend who uses it who says it's the only one that survives a Saturday night dancing!

Some people find it works straight away but some may need to give their natural deodorant a bit of time to start working. There is a theory that your sweat glands simply need to readjust if you have been using antiperspirant for years.

Given the current climate, there has never been a better time to detox and make the switch to natural! Our customers have not looked back and we love to hear their stories of making the switch. Our product is designed to last for up to three months, so it allows you lots of time to allow for the detox period too. 

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