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Best I've Used By Far

I have tried quite a few natural deodorants over the years with limited results, sticks/ creams, but this is different. It's the fist time I have worn one with confidence for the day and as it's a spray, it's really easy to carry in my bag. I also like that there is no fumes from the spray. Will buy again!

Beautiful Irish product which fits easily into an everyday handbag. Very glad I purchased one as the scent and consistency is perfect.

This one is a must

Love my new discovery . Such a lovely smelling deodorant. Really works. A must try

2 years using Indeora and still love it!

Very happy with this product, have been using Indeora for over 2 years!! Wouldn't use anything else. Love the scent.

No irritation

It is the ONLY deodorant that does not cause me irritation and believe me I have tried them all.

Works well, lovely scent.

This is a first class, aluminium-free, and effective deodorant which has a pleasant unisex scent of coconut and vanilla. It's especially good value bought in a pack of four.

Excellent product that had another surprising benefit

I love indeora deodorant. Not only does it have a lovely scent and works extremely well at keeping me feeling fresh all day, it has also reduced my restless leg syndrome by about 70%! I used the deodorant for about six months and had noticed a remarkable difference and then didn't use it for a few months and it came back with a vengeance. Back using it for the past week and no restless legs for the past three evenings. I'll never stop using it again.


Have used this for about a year now love the smell, no skin irritation, which was a huge plus for me as I'm allergic to most other deodorants and believe me I'v tried them all, highly recommend this product :)

Lovely deodorant

Ordered this week or so ago, smells lovely and works well,non irratating, very pleased with this as trying to steer away from chemical loaded products.

Eczema eased

As sufferer of irritated eczema I decided to give Indeora a try . One week later I can say without doubt that I should have changed to Indeora years ago .

great product

I developed an allergy to my usual deodorant so was delighted to find this. It is pricey but it works well, smells lovely but most importantly all my previous allergy issues have disappeared so worth it.

Great Deodorant

I am delighted with Indeora, I would buy again, easy to buy online, prompt delivery, it has no added chemicals, eco friendly packaging, it works well, great product .

Nice smell and doesn't irritate the skin

Effective and nice to use

I tried this product for the first time as I wanted to find a healthier deodourant. It dries quickly, the scent is not too strong but is pleasant and the main thing is, it works.

I'm so glad I tried this

This is a great deodorant, I love how it smells and I love how well it works. It took a liitle longer than the two weeks as suggested to adjust to this new type of deodorant and I'm so glad I persevered. I will never go back to using regular deodorants again.

Absolutely love this product!

We can all do with a little bit more magnesium - this is a great way of getting it in, and having a deodorant that works at the same time. But not only does this deodorant work. I love its scent! I love that it doesn't sting when I've just shaved. I love that it's free from chemicals. I know it's a bit pricey, but it feels so lovely and it actually does last for ages. As a Nutritional Therapist and someone who is into natural health, I would often recommend this product to my clients.


Delighted with the freshness, scent and effectiveness of my Deodorant. Delighted to have moved completely away from aerosols. I have just received my 6months supply after trialing 2 bottles. Delighted and would gladly recommend this product.

Excellent deodorant, beautiful scent.

I stumbled on this product a few months ago on another site. I absolutely love it. Gorgeous smell and works really well. No sticky sensation. I only recently realised it was an Irish brand, bonus! I will be topping up next month (it lasts for ages) and will also be purchasing for a friend who has been seeking a natural alternative that works.

By far the best natural deodorant I've tried. Love the smell and find it effective straight away.

This product is lovely and great protection and great smell.not over powering

Vegan cruelty free and nearly perfect

A very effective deodorant, which has a lovely coconut smell when applying. It took no time for my glands to acclimitize to this product (l had been using pit putty) and it worked perfectly well, even after strenuous exercise. The only niggle is that with the 3 pumps of application, there can be a bit of running product. I'm applying from a distance but it may just need a bit more practice. Would recommend without hesitation .

lovely product

I love the idea of this product and ive waited a while to post a review. I bought the 6 month supply, lovely smell, fast drying but sadly does not suit me as it causes me some skin irritation. I will be passing it onto my daughter and if it suits im sure she will reorder!

Love this product.

After seeing this product on Instagram and hearing how good it was I decided to try it out. The Coconut and Vanilla aroma is lovely, not overpowering at all. It dries very quickly and keeps you fresh all day. I would definitely recommend this product.

Just what I was looking for

I’ve tried so many natural deos in the last few years, I bought the Nuud cream recently but just didn’t find it worked too well. This magnesium based spray is so much better. The only problem I find is the spray comes out of the bottle narrowly and I “miss” the area sometimes! But it’s just perfect other than that.