3 Reason’s Why Indeora Magnesium Deodorant Is Your Post Workout Essential

3 Reason’s Why Indeora Magnesium Deodorant Is Your Workout Essential!


Indeora’s star active ingredient is magnesium chloride. During a workout we tend to lose magnesium as we sweat during a workout.

Magnesium is an important mineral  and is co-factor in more than 300 enzyme systems that control many diverse biochemical reactions within the body. These functions include helping regulate sleep, rebuilding muscle tissue, relax the nervous system to help lower stress levels, neutralise stomach acid, enhance cardiovascular efficiency and elevate muscle strength up to 30%.

Many personal trainers consider magnesium heir go to supplement post work out for many of these reasons.



How often have you completed a great workout only to be hit with a strong stench of propellants in your changing area? Aerosol propellants can be overwhelming especially when exposed in large amounts in a small confined area.

Indeora is created as a natural mist spray, so you can spray with ease and not worry about effecting the air around you and others.



Our trendy 75ml bottle contains c. 400 sprays of product making it super light and easy to carry in your gym bag whilst giving you up to 3 months use. All our packaging is sustainably sourced and is easy to recycle. We never test our products on animals and Indeora is happy to be Vegan Friendly!



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Hi there
what a great idea for easy day to day supplementing with magnesium – as I have problems with cramping and absorption of minerals this is a wonderful find today.
Have ordered a years supply so many thanks

PENNY MUNDY April 14, 2020

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