Simple Self-Care Ideas to Optimise and Boost Your Day with Indeora!!

As we all face daily challenges as a result of the Covid pandemic, a new reality has emerged these past few weeks that we are all slowly adapting to.

At Indeora, my home desk has become HQ whilst my husband works on the front line in a Dublin hospital. Due to my asthma we have opted to self-separate in the house. Although this is not easy we both want to protect each other as much as possible but we also want to enjoy all the time we can distantly spend together!!

Here is our top tips for living well and finding ways to enjoy each day:  


  • Learning Time: I have used this time to sign up to some online training, putting my procrastination list in the fore. With resources like Udemy offering affordable short courses, you never know the skills you could pick up during this time. Udemy offers courses in everything; from drawing to interior design to IT development.


  • Support Local SME’s That Help Brighten Up Your Day: Many SME’s are working incredibly hard to ensure they can survive the next few months, with many transferring their skills online. A simple way to support is logging on to a local yoga class or ordering a delivery from a local restaurant or a supplier offering distance door deliveries like Buttercream Vegan Bakery! Their tasty treats will definitely brighten up your tea time treat!


  • Catch up and Have a Virtual Party with Friend’s: With so many of us leading busy lives, months can go by without catching up with distant friends. Our self isolation has actually brought us closer to some of our most distant friends. We have reached out across the globe to catch up with people we have been meaning to catch up with, share a glass of wine with them, or have some virtual party fun over on the House Party app.


  • Food to Feed the Soul Challenge: Cooking has always been one of our favourite ways to unwind. Since we can’t go travelling for the foreseeable future, we have set a challenge to recreate some of our favourite meals we have eaten, when travelling or on special dates. We may be eating it at home but it’s helps transport us to happy memories, encourages us to get creative and it varies up our regular dishes.


  • Exceptional Self-Care Routine: A lot of us have received lovely beauty gifts or bought beauty products that we may not have used in awhile or they have been pushed to the back of our bathroom cupboard. Now we have more time at home, we can bring some spa vibes to our own beauty routine. Whether it's adding some cucumber slices to your favourite home face mask, or running a massive indulgent bubble bath with that bath bomb you were gifted at Christmas, now is the time to use every favourite product you have!


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