Switching to A Natural Deodorant for the First Time? Here is Some Top Tips For A Happy Transition.


If you have been using antiperspirants before switching to a natural deodorant, underarms may need some TLC to make a happy switch. When using antiperspirants, underarms can be prevented from sweating as they contain ingredients like aluminium chlorohydrate to help block sweat.  Indeora is formulated with 0% aluminium and is designed to allow your skin to breathe whilst neutralising odours.

As a result of this,  it is normal for your underarm to need some time to readjust to using your new natural deodorant.


Many of our customers have found they needed zero time to redajust but some have found it takes a few weeks to allow this adjustment to happen. Some people feel they sweat more at times in the first few weeks  but this is all completely normal and healthy. To help during these first few weeks, wearing natural fabrics can help. Polyesters and acrylic fibres tend to trap moisture, which can cause bacteria to grow



After three to four weeks your underarms should be happily readjusted to using your new natural deodorant and you can look forward to happy and natural naturally protected underarm care. :) 

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Love the deodorant.

Marguerite O Toole June 15, 2020

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